MIDI.COM Site Search Help

MIDI.COM Search is the only MIDI information search engine on the Internet. Searching is as easy as typing in a "search string" in the SUBMIT line. For instance, typing in "MIDI" and then clicking on "SUBMIT" will most probably return all sites in the database, since all sites should be MIDI-related. A better search may be "alternative", which will return all sites that have the word "alternative" in its site title, descriptions, or address.

Great News! All sites are returned in order of popularity! This means MIDI.COM will bring the best sites to you first!

To add a site to the database, click on the "Add Site" button on the MIDI.COM bar on the search screen. Here, you will enter all pertanent information regarding a MIDI site. Once submitted, your site is instantaneously added to the on-line database for retreival.

Please do not add any non-MIDI related site to the database

Stay tuned for new features in the MIDI.COM Search Engine, including .mid file searches (with descriptions), Thank you for using the MIDI.COM Search Engine and tell your friends!